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Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Giving to IMSE

Whether supporting students, faculty, facilities or programs, it is easy to demonstrate your dedication to the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering.


Giving opportunities

Facilities enhancement
Manufacturing processes and systems have served as a core for the industrial engineering program throughout our history. We are working to transform the manufacturing spaces where generations of students have made their machine vises into modern, advanced manufacturing facilities that support both our educational and research programs. We envision a new lab that will be at the heart of our entire curriculum, from introduction to industrial engineering to manufacturing systems design and analysis. 

Student financial support
Attracting, educating and retaining students is our number one priority. One of the greatest ways to have an impact on students’ lives is by providing scholarships. Whether a scholarship is awarded to recruit students to the discipline, recognize extraordinary achievement, provide resources for a study-abroad experience or support professional development, each one makes a difference. 

Faculty enhancement
Investing in our faculty members is another way to broaden the impact of a gift. Each faculty member touches the lives of hundreds of students through the course of their career. As instructors, they provide students with knowledge and skills that help them become outstanding industrial engineers. As researchers, faculty members are developing new tools and advancing knowledge that broadly impacts our world by advancing our profession and changing the way the industry operates. 

How to give

Learn more about the different giving methods available when supporting this department, including how to utilize corporate matching, establish a fund, include K-State in your estate planning and more. Donate here.


You can help!

You can become part of the department of industrial and manufacturing systems engineering's exciting future. We invite you to contact a member of our development staff today and begin the discussion about how you can make a difference.

For more information, please contact:

Photo of Brad Kramer
Bradley A. Kramer
Professor and Department Head