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Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Graduate Programs

The IMSE graduate programs provide students with advanced knowledge and technical skills in the areas of industrial engineering, operations research and engineering management.

We offer a rich variety of projects in the areas of operations research, ergonomics, manufacturing processes, production, health systems, quality engineering, uncertainty representation and intelligent reasoning.

With degree offerings online and through our Manhattan campus, our programs can be tailored to the diverse needs of each student, whether they hope to expand their career options, gain a competitive edge as they enter the job market or advance in their careers.

Kansas State University’s IMSE department is not only committed to excellence in research and teaching, but also to fostering a personal and challenging learning community for our students. Our graduate classes typically enroll 20 or fewer students, and our curriculum emphasizes interdisciplinary research, collaboration with industrial partners, and development and modeling of various industrial processes. 

Degree Programs

Master of Science in Industrial Engineering

The MSIE program teaches students the mathematical, scientific and analytical skills necessary to solve complex business problems in a myriad of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, finance, communications, government, and military. Degree programs are available on campus at Manhattan and online. <Learn More>

Master of Science in Operations Research

The MSOR program readies students to develop optimal solutions using methods derived from mathematical programming, statistics, probability theory, scheduling theory, queuing theory, simulation, computer science, and graph theory.  Degree programs are available on campus at Manhattan and online. <Learn More>

Master of Engineering Management

Ranked No. 4 in the Top 50 Online Engineering Management Degree Programs - 2016 by TopManagementDegrees.com, the MEM degree equips practicing engineers with the knowledge and skills necessary to assist them in effectively managing engineers and other technical resources to accomplish complex technical tasks. This online-only program is designed to be part-time and typically requires two to four years to complete. <Learn More> 

Doctoral Degree in Industrial Engineering

PhD students in IMSE gain strong methodological skills through advanced coursework and collaborative research with IMSE faculty. Primary research areas include advanced manufacturing, operations research and systems engineering. The degree is designed for students seeking careers in academia, research development or other positions that require advanced training. <Learn More>


Certificate in Integrated Risk Management

Gain an advanced understanding of risk, economics, finance and management with a new Certificate in Integrated Risk Management program, offered by the K-State Center for Risk Management Education and Research in coordination with the IMSE department and the department of finance.

Learn more about the certificate requirements


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