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Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

IMSE Graduate Handbook

Graduate Handbook

Lab Safety Training Manual

The Lab Safety Training Manual outlines general safety and operation policies that apply to all laboratory work in the IMSE advanced manufacturing labs. Given the diversity of laboratory operations, this document does not include specific information about all potential laboratory hazards. Students dealing with lasers, chemicals and machinery in their lab work should also follow the specific safety policies established for these areas as given in the Appendices.

In order to implement this safety and operation policy, all student users are required to read this document and sign a form acknowledging that they are aware of the policies for working in the manufacturing labs, and stating they will follow those policies


Effective Fall 2020


Below are important policies from the handbook that students frequently reference. 

Graduate Student Travel Funding Request Process

Ph.D. students and M.S. thesis students are encouraged to present their research at professional conferences. The department generally provides up to $2,000 per Ph.D. student and $1,000 per M.S. thesis student in travel funds during the course of his/her studies. If a student completes an M.S. and begins a Ph.D., any amount granted during the M.S. does not count toward the total for the Ph.D.  

To be eligible for funds, a student must submit a request according to the IMSE Graduate Student Travel Funding Request Process outlined here.  

  • Student submits hard copy or scanned pdf copy of completed IMSE Department Travel Form, a notification from Graduate Student Council, and confirmation of conference presentation acceptance by email to your faculty advisor, department head, and College of Engineering Research and Graduate Programs Office (ergp@ksu.edu).
  • Within two weeks of completion of travel, the student submits a trip report to the faculty supervisor. This report must be approved by the faculty supervisor and then subsequently submitted to the IMSE department head.
  • The trip report should include:
    • Analysis of achievement of planned objectives.
    • A general summary of participation in the conference/program/workshop.
    • List of key contacts made.
  • Within two weeks of completion of travel, the student submits necessary documentation of expenses for reimbursement to department and university offices. The IMSE department will not process reimbursement until the trip report has been approved by both the faculty supervisor and the IMSE department head.


Annual Progress Review

All IMSE graduate students are required to complete an annual progress review, as per the KSU Graduate Handbook Chapter 1.E. The review’s purpose is to support timely degree completion and professional development.  In the case of funded students, the review also is submitted to the Department Head to support decisions about GRA and GTA positions for the upcoming year.  Reviews will be maintained by the IMSE Department as part of the student’s academic record.

Review content:

All Ph.D. students, M.S. students who received any funding (from the IMSE department or on an IMSE faculty member’s project) in the previous academic year, and M.S. students who wish to be considered for funding in the upcoming academic year should complete the following form on or before April 15 and send it to IMSE@ksu.edu:

MEM, MSOR, and MSIE students who received no funding from the IMSE department or an IMSE faculty member’s project in the previous year and who do not wish to be considered for funding in the upcoming year should complete the following form on or before May 1 and send it to IMSE@ksu.edu:

A student who does not complete the annual review in a timely manner will have an enrollment hold placed on his/her account, and the major professor will report that the student has failed to make satisfactory process toward the degree.  A completed report and consultation with the major professor are required to remove the hold.

Poster Funds

Ph.D. students and M.S. students completing a thesis are encouraged to give poster presentations of their research at a campus research forum or a technical conference. Students interested in poster presentation should obtain permission from their major professor to do so. The IMSE department will potentially cover the printing cost of one poster per year (not to exceed $150) for each student.

GRA/GTA vacation funding policy

Graduate students appointed as Research Assistants (GRA) or Teaching Assistants (GTA) do not have paid leave.  Students are paid for their work on campus and are not paid during vacation, travel home, or any other leave not related to their work. Other arrangements must be made with the research advisor for GRAs. Each individual on a GRA or GTA appointment who will not be on campus during periods when the university is open must notify the IMSE office and his/her faculty supervisor.

Effective Spring 2017