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Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Featured Story

Two IE graduates speak at fall engineering commencement

Ray Dempsey at Fall 2016 Engineering CommencementAndrew Ewing at Fall 2016 Engineering Commencement
1990 IMSE graduate Ray Dempsey at Fall 2016 Engineering CommencementGraduating senior Drew Ewing at Fall 2016 Engineering Commencement


Industrial engineering voices were prominent at the fall engineering commencement, as graduating senior Drew Ewing and 1990 graduate Ray Dempsey were selected as featured speakers for the December ceremony.

Dempsey currently serves as vice president for BP Foundation Inc., and was recently appointed chief diversity officer for the company. He serves on the College of Engineering advisory council and continues his involvement with the department as an alumni mentor.

Ewing was selected to give the student address based upon his extracurricular involvement and academic achievements, according to Andy Fund, assistant dean for student services for the College of Engineering.

“They both gave outstanding talks,” said Brad Kramer, department head. “I was proud of how they represented the department.”

Ewing said preparing for the speech made him think about how much has happened at the university at the macro level, as well as his in own experiences as a student.

“The most important part of the speech for me was the charge,” Ewing said. Using a lesson he learned from an older couple he worked for last summer, he implored the graduating seniors to think beyond financial success.

“Be wealthy in many ways,” Ewing said in his address. “Be wealthy in your kindness to others. Be wealthy in both the purpose and productivity of your work. Be wealthy in your love.”

“Drew delivered great remarks, many of which were reflective of his time here and the exciting changes we have all experienced in the college, but also as a whole within the university,” Fund said. “But he also challenged us to not only be great engineers and stewards, but also to become the best versions of ourselves, which is really the ultimate goal in the end.”