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Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering


IMSE faculty are recognized nationally and internationally as leaders in their fields of research. We work at the cutting edge, leading innovations in the areas of advanced manufacturing, operations research and systems engineering. View our research below to see how we are transforming industries today and creating new opportunities to improve tomorrow.

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing is an exciting and rapidly advancing field today. IMSE researchers are at the forefront of innovation in renewable energy manufacturing, 3-D printing of advanced materials—including the GUINESS WORLD RECORDSTM least dense 3-D printed material—laser micromachining, nanotube and nanowire manufacturing and more.

Featured Faculty Projects

Operations Research

Operations research teams at K-State develop both theoretical foundations and modern applications of advanced analytical methods to help minimize risk and make better decisions. Using discrete optimization, mathematical programming, dynamic systems modeling and optimization, IMSE researchers are working to make an impact in a variety of fields, including humanitarian logistics, health systems modeling, pattern recognition, scheduling, and more. 

Featured Faculty Projects

Systems Engineering

IMSE researchers are working to optimize a variety of complex systems, which are generally defined as regularly interlacing, interrelated or interdependent groups of items or elements that form a complex whole. Our faculty have concentrated systems engineering efforts in humanitarian logistics, healthcare operations, transportation engineering, quality production systems and product and technology development.

Featured Faculty Projects