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Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Future Students

Industrial engineers use computers, mathematics, science, problem solving and engineering skills to solve complex business problems. They work in manufacturing, health care, transportation, financial organizations, communications, government, military and consulting. Our graduates are in high demand by Kansas, midwestern, national and international organizations. Most student have job offers before they graduate. Some companies that have recruited our graduates recently include: Altec Industries, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Caterpillar, ConAgra Foods, General Electric, PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble, Hallmark and IBM. The average starting salary is more than $65,000.

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 We offer a concurrent BS/MS program, so high-performing students can earn a bachelor's and master's degree at the same time! Contact us to learn more.

Areas of Emphasis

Manufacturing Processes and Systems
Manufacturing is a highly complex activity that ultimately converts raw materials into useful products. To truly master this field requires an understanding of both individual manufacturing processes as well as the integration of processes into complex production systems. Production systems and the analysis and improvement of productivity are the heart and soul of industrial engineering. Material handling, quality engineering, lean engineering, six sigma and continuous improvement are all important manufacturing topics. 

Operations Research
The application of mathematical models to analyze complex problems. Operations research helps decision makers understand business problems, generate and evaluate innovative solutions, and make complex decisions in the face of uncertainty. Operations research is the field that quantitatively supports analytics, logistics and risk management. 

Human Factors Engineering
The study of human characteristics for the appropriate design of tools, devices, equipment, machines, controls, workstations and environment to minimize human operators stress/fatigue and improve productivity.  

Engineering Management
Management of technical people, projects and organizations. Engineering managers deal with effective resource utilization including the management of money, materials, information, people, facilities and equipment.


Everything you will need to know about the application and admissions process can be found on the K-State Admissions website, including tuition, scholarshipfinancial aid, and housing.

Schedule an on campus visit through K-State's Admissions office or by calling 800-532-8270. If you go through admissions, be sure to tell them you want to visit the Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering department. Also, check out the College of Engineering's special events for prospective students. 

Degree Requirements

The industrial engineering curriculum is based on a strong background in mathematics and science. The first two academic years are used to build the knowledge and experience base necessary for our students to learn and apply fundamental engineering concepts and principles.

Students must complete 124 hours of a presubscribed curriculum to graduate with their bachelor of science in industrial engineering degree. Of those hours, 27 are engineering or professional electives giving students the opportunity to specialize in an area of interest. Additionally, nine hours fulfill the K-State 8 general education program requirement.

The IMSE Course Catalog and Descriptions provides information about the department's course offerings and any prerequisites or requirements.
IMSE Course Catalog.

Undergraduate Student Testimonials 

Why do our students choose IE? Watch below to hear from four students that graduated from the IMSE Department in Spring 2021.


                      Caleb Sutton                                           Ethan Copple



                   Madelynn Yalowtiz                               Maria Páramo Pérez