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Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

IMSE Alumni & Friends

"Making connections with alumni after an assembly led me to my first internship working on the economic analysis team at J.B. Hunt corporate headquarters!"

-- Sarah, 2013 K-State Alumni
Business Analyst, Deloitte Consulting

There are hundreds of K-State Alumni who remain connected and give back to the department. By doing so, they help keep our alma mater strong. There are multiple ways to support the department:

1. Serve on the Advisory Council

2. Become a member of the Professional Academy

3. Donate in support of the development and future success of our students and faculty  

Contact Brad Kramer, IMSE Department Head, to learn how you can get involved.

Keep Connected

We are interested in following the career paths and accomplishments of our alumni, focusing on promotions, advancements, awards and honors, job changes and of course, retirements, as well as death notices.

Please send us your updates with the following form: