Advisory Council

adviosry council photos

Front row, from left: Carrie Hamman, Alicia Benson, Rachel Olson, Ashley Estes, Connie Satzler, Meaghan Moore. Back row, from left: Brad Kramer, Eric Ladd, Adam Mize, Chris Tonn, Mason Stewart, Mandy Kelley, Chad Sharp, Brian Moore, Jen Tryon

The industrial and manufacturing systems engineering advisory council is a group of industrial, business, and professional leaders who are interested in the vitality of Kansas State University's IMSE department. The council helps the department to strengthen its learning, research, and outreach programs; improve its facilities; expand its base of support; and serve its alumni. Council members actively participate in the continual assessment of the department's progress and the development of department/industry partnerships. Additionally, members assist the department by:

  • Attracting new students to the program through recruitment and fundraising for IMSE scholarships
  • Contributing to the education of IMSE students by providing input and feedback on topics such as market trends, curriculum development, and identification of skills and professional qualities expected by employers.
  • Participating in the learning process by serving as a guest lecturer, evaluating student projects, and providing case studies.
  • Facilitating the careers of IMSE students through mentorship, providing internships, and/or hiring graduates.
  • Assisting in program development by identifying program needs, developing strategies for improvement, and participating in development efforts.