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Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Council Charter


The name of the organization shall be "Kansas State University Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Advisory Council", referred to as the "IMSE Advisory Council".


The Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering (IMSE) Advisory Council is a group of industrial, business, and professional leaders who are interested in the vitality of the Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering at Kansas State University. The council helps the department to strengthen its learning, research, and outreach programs, improve its facilities, expand its base of support, and serve its alumni. Council members actively participate in the continual assessment of the department’s progress and the development of department/industry partnerships. Specifically, Advisory Council members are asked to:

  • Review department programs
  • Advise department faculty about the relevance of our programs and the efficiency of our internal operations
  • Interact with faculty and students on campus to provide personal, professional, and/or industrial perspectives of their work and experience
  • Assess the capability of our graduates to undertake successful industrial and manufacturing systems engineering careers
  • Provide leadership to the many K-State Engineering alumni; this leadership comes in the form of service and financial support.

Mission and Vision

The IMSE Advisory Council mission is aligned to the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering mission and the IMSE Department mission.

Mission: To help the Kansas State University IMSE Department attract, educate, and graduate world class industrial and manufacturing systems engineers that exceed ABET and market expectations.

Vision: To be an active Advisory Council composed of industry representatives and alumni committed to helping the Kansas State University IMSE department attract, educate, and graduate successful engineers by:

  • Recruiting good students
  • Leading program development efforts
  • Serving as a conduit to alumni
  • Lobbying decision makers to support IMSE programs and initiatives
  • Encouraging IMSE faculty, staff, and students by promoting the department, its faculty, and programs.

Member Expectations

Advisory members will assist the IMSE department in attracting students by:

  • Advocating IMSE education and career
  • Coordinating and participating in fundraising programs for IMSE scholarships

Advisory Council members will contribute to the education of IMSE students by providing input and feedback to department faculty on topics such as:

  • Market - Market trends, forcasted demand for IMSE graduates
  • IMSE department - Business plan (tactical and strategic direction), critical department issues
  • IMSE faculty - Faculty development
  • IMSE curricula - Relevance of curricula, practical application of IMSE fundamentals
  • IMSE students - Required skills and professional qualities expected by employers
  • IMSE graduates - Readiness of graduates to perform expected responsibilities, initial salaries and growth potential, roles and responsibilities

Advisory Council members will participate in the learning process by:

  • Evaluating student projects (e.g., senior design)
  • Serving as guest lecturers
  • Providing case studies
  • Lobbying government agencies

Advisory Council members will facilitate the careers of IMSE graduates by:

  • Providing internship and assistantship opportunities
  • Promoting IMSE graduates to perspective employers
  • Hiring K-State IMSE graduates
  • Mentoring recent graduates at each of our respective employers

Advisory Council members will lead program development efforts by:

  • Identifying and prioritizing program needs
  • Working with the IMSE department head and faculty to develop program improvement strategies
  • Participating in program development efforts