Assembly Policy

IMSE 015

Why do we have assembly?

The purpose of the IMSE Assembly is to promote professionalism. To accomplish this goal, we seek to involve students in our profession, the department, and departmental student groups in their activities. Most assemblies include presentations that are given by representatives of private companies, many who are our alumni. They are excited to have the opportunity and donate their time and travel to present at assembly. Assemblies are coordinated by our student group leaders who work hard to support the department and promote activities of interest to our diverse student population. Our assemblies are the one time when our entire student body gets together to receive student group and department information. For these reasons, we expect professionalism from students, both in their attendance and in their behavior during assembly. We realize not all topics will be of interest to all students. However, we feel it is important for students to show up and be attentive for one hour per month to learn more about their future profession and colleagues. This is excellent preparation for the expectations of future employers.

What are the attendance requirements?

Attendance is required at all four of the IMSE Assemblies. Signature of attendance will be taken at each assembly to verify credit. Failure to sign the attendance sheet will result in no credit for that seminar dare. Signing the attendance sheet for others is considered a violation of the K-State Honor System. Make-up credit is available for missed assemblies. Make-up credit for the current semester is due the last day of finals.

What if I have a course conflict?

For course conflicts, contact the engineering college student affairs office. They can help you enroll in both courses.

What if I don't attend four assemblies?

If you don’t end the semester with four approved assemblies attended, you will receive NO CREDIT (NC), which will result in a “hold” being placed on your KSIS account. The hold will prevent you from enrolling or modifying your course schedule. If you receive NO CREDIT for a semester, you must complete the make-up credit for the missed assemblies in order to have the hold removed.

Make-up credit

If made up before the next assembly, you may:

  1. View the missed assembly online and write a paper.
    Download template (docx)
  2. Write a summary of a recent IE-related article.
    Download template (docx)

If submitting more than one month after the absence, you must:

  1. Submit a 10-page (minimum) paper
    Download template (docx)

For additional questions or to turn in a make-up paper, contact:

2061 Rathbone Hall